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Burn Fat and Reduce Fat Storage with this Simple Rule at Breakfast Time

The word breakfast means exactly that Break Fast. People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Id have to agree. Heres why The first meal the day dictates a hormonal response that informs the body to either hellip Read More

The King Of Fat Loss Supplements That Will Help You Burn Body Fat

There are thousands of vitamin supplements available on the market these days that all claim to be a quickfix fat loss solution. They are promoted as fat loss supplements. This makes it hard to know which supplement is actually going hellip Read More

How to Lose Weight and Get Superfit by Exercising Less

Is it possible to lose weight, get superfit and spend less time exercising Definitely. Firstly, Id like to welcome you to The Sam Witter Health blog. I will be writing regularly in a series of articles focused on helping my hellip Read More